Makeup and Styling Tips You Wish Knew Earlier

Annie Spratt 

Women learn to do many things from nothing and make up is one of them, but when we have no talent or our mother did not give us a single tip on the matter, we should seek help elsewhere. Here we leave you 12 tricks to achieve a good makeup even if you are not an expert:

# 1 Prepare your skin It is very important that your skin is ready for makeup. Before color, apply fixative and moisturizer for your face and for your lips. Remember that your skin is a sponge; The first thing you should absorb is your cream, not your base. Apply the moisturizer with a brush in circular movements, first on the cheek and then on the rest of the face.

# 2 Use fixative Use the fixative 20 centimeters from your face, before and after painting, to encapsulate the makeup.

# 3 Brushes to suit you The round brushes are for blending, the flat brushes are for painting in a specific place. The important thing is that you discover which ones you work with best. Do not miss: Tips to buy makeup brushes

# 4 First the eyes Make your eyes first and then the rest of the face, so you can correct if you stain. It is easier to solve some error in your blur when you do not have the base yet. To remove any part, use wet swabs with fixative.

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